Author photos ( V.Voronin, G. Shaulsky, A. Kostyrya, etc).

Alexey Kostyrya,

lives in Terney and works as a field biologist in Russian-American study of Siberian tiger. Taking camera to the taiga and helicopter flights, he has made a large collection of unique photos and slides by his own.

Photo by G. Shaulsky

Photos by A. Kostyrya: 1. The Blagodatnoe Lake 2. The fall in Sikhote-Alin 3. A Himalayan bear in trap. 4. Branches. 5,6. Upper view 7,8. The sunrise at the Sea of Japan shore.


..more photos by A.Kostyrya
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Grigory Shaulsky, (biography)

artist and taxidermist, the author of many exhibitions shown in Russia and other countries. The photos presented here are only small part of Grigory's work for the Sikhote-Alin reserve.

Photos by G. Shaulsky: 1-8 - pictures of Primorye.



..more photos by G. Shaulsky
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Photos by Viktor Voronin


Lilya Platonova standing on Mt.Abrek top

..and some pictures by L.Platonova

John Goodrich and Linda Kerley from Wyoming are the Siberian Tiger Project biologists. They have been in Terney since March 1995.
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