The Sikhote-Alin Reserve Databases

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To work with datasets you'll need only a browser. No other software is required to execute SQL queries on the remote server. However, the spectrum of possible queries is limited to SELECT range (including clauses with DISTINCT and GROUP BY). Of course, you can save the query results for further processing, and also speculate during the web session using "stats on the fly" option.

The program used for accessing database is set up on the web server and is called dbviewer.cgi. This is a clone of well-known perl script and library dbengine.cgi. The modifications done to it are to limit the work to viewing only; then to allow direct sql queries from the text input field. Also useful option of viewing and select distinct records on a particular field. At last, there is a simple descriptive statistics add-on, and some other smaller implemented features.

If you liked to work with this web database interface, you may take the source code here. It will then have to be set up as cgi-bin perl script on your web server. This is NOT a trivial task. I'd be glad to answer les questions and assist in setting it up, so feel free to ask me for it, and of course read the original dbengine.cgi pages at